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Being an outstanding host!

Hello, Trendsetters! I hope you are enjoying these wintery-weather days! Have you ever invited a friend over, and then didn't know what to play?! This can be stressing, and put permanent damage on the creative abilities of girls in the 21st century!!!!! (Well, at least it puts you in a tricky position.) I say, go beyond the ordinary! Think out of the box! When my sister Kelly and I asked our friend Monta to come over for a playdate, we decided to make a movie about two chocolate thieves! It ended up being pretty random, but the point was that we had fun, thought beyond the ordinary, (such as watching TV all day, sitting around, etc.) and made the most most of our time together. Listed below are some ways to make the most of 
your time with friends:

Draw or paint
Make up a dance
Write a song 
Preform a play
Make cookies or other fun treats
Make a movie (My personal favorite!)
Read books 
Play outside
Play an instrument
Watch a favorite movie 
Do homework (It is lots more fun to do together!)
Make friendship bracelets

See what mean? Here are the videos that I made with friends.

News Post with Friends!

Had some fun with our friend, Reagan! When you have peeps over, don't just sit there! Get creative!

Click Here!

Family Farm Movie!

If you look in my previous posts, you'll see one taking about how my family makes family movies. Now you finally have a video to see of it! Although this is just pretty much pictures to music, and we couldn't get the actual movie to upload to youtube, at least you get to see the basic idea. We shot our first one three years ago called "SAVE THE FARM" then one last year called "RIVERVEIW HARVEST FESTIVAL" and this years was not named yet:-) it premieres in the spring of 2015

One of the favorite things we like to do as a family is tie the movie around the holidays and celebrate it together as a family. This movie my Mississippi family arrived an got to spend thanksgiving with us! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas Performance!

Another fun Christmas performance behind us as we settle in for the holidays!

At the Stained Glass Theater, my sisters and I participated for the pre-show on Thursday, december 4.

It definitely took lots of hard work and practice. As the director said to us, "Practice does not make perfect. You could practice for something the whole year long but if you don't have a good practice then all the practices were not worth anything. Good practice is what makes perfect!" We practice for about 3 weeks and it all paid off in the end! But we didn't just GET there...

First there was deciding if we were going to do it. Then practicing. Then auditioning. Then getting excepted. Then more practice. Then sound checks. Then performance!!!

Click below to watch: