Surgery Day

This photo was discovered from May 13th, 2009; the year I got my appendix taken out!!
My one big surgery so far. I am so grateful to my dad because he is the one who told my mom to take me to the hospital. If I had not gone in time, I would have died.
 The good news is all is well now and I am healthier than I have ever been! Thanks dad!

Shopping with 6 kids and a dog:0

Ok...HIGHLY not recommended to take 6 children below adulthood with a 4 month-old puppy to PetSmart. This day happened to be on my birthday! It took gallons of energy poured into my son's future (Charlie) and hours of shopping. thankfully, weeks later we are all settled and loving him.
Shout out to Charlie!

Challenge A Girls

This is a picture of my class as CC (my school). Thanks to Meghan's mom, everyday there is a different theme or topic we have! For example, that week was dress as a book character day.
Everyday you can have your own theme as well! School doesn't always have to be boring...


Walking with Charlie

Charlie and I bond a special way when we walk together around the neighborhood.
This is us exercising together in the great outdoors!
Look for a special way to bond with your pet and create fun active games such as playing fetch, or making an obstacle corse!

The video below is him playing with his ball then trying to get my phone! No, he did not end up eating it, but he has been chewing on my house-shoes:0

Pride Comes in the Fall

Today my sister and I made a music video for fun! Yes, it is very prideful in how we are dancing and what the words are. In life, you don't want to be all about yourself all the time. If you are, you will soon have a downfall in life. Use your talent and your fun time wisely! Here is one song you don't want to live by!

But like my last post, you are never too old to have fun and make a video!
Go ahead and stop reading this and watch the video, then go make your own!


Meeting New Friends

A couple posts ago I mentioned going to Evangel. This is also from that day after the service:)
I met a student there named Karen and she was really nice! I hope to have more memories with her.

(picture will be posted as soon as it downloads)

Just remember, if you're insecure about being younger than a girl and less mature, remember that God made you to be that exact age for that exact moment. Don't pretend to be someone else. Although she is years older than me, i still am not embarrassed or ashamed to be around her or others. There isn't a law that says you can only be friends with someone your age.
I can still be friends with girls who are older than me or are in college.

To put this idea into practice, say your friend's sister is a sophomore in high school. Every time your friend comes, she is talking about her sister and how she is so cool. One day, her sister picks her up from school in her new car. she asks you some questions, and you feel a little awkward...

Older sister: "So what's your name?"
You: (whatever your name is)
Older sister: "I see you attend junior high. How sweet!"
You: "Gee, thanks."
Your friend: "We play on the same volleyball team."
Older sister: "Well maybe ill see you again when i drop (your friend) off at practice!"
You: "Yeah, i guess."
She drives off with your friend as your mom comes to pick you up.

This conversation could've gone smoother and less awkward. instead of answering her with yes or no replies, try asking her questions back.

Older sister: "So what's your name?"
You: (whatever your name is), What's yours?
Older sister: "Oh, my name is (name)."
You: "I like that name. So when did you get your license?"
Older sister: "This February. Thanks for asking!"
Your friend: "We play on the same volleyball team."
Older sister: "I hope to see you there when i drop my sister off."
You: "Me too. Bye!"

See how the sister seems to be enjoying the conversation better the second time?
Your age difference might be the only barrier that keeps you and the sister apart...
But that doesn't have to be that way.
Picture this, when you are 30, the sophomore would be 35! That is not much of a difference.

Sometimes, it's the friend who could be more friendlier. So what do you do when you want to get to know the friend, but she acts standoffish? BE YOURSELF.

Best friends don't happen when just one person wants to be friends, they both have to agree.
They also take time. Don't blame it on yourself if the friend doesn't seem interested in a middle-schooler. Do your part by reaching out and let her feel guilty when you both are pregnant and in you thirties without any past relationship. She might not think you are cool or as good as her other friends. Relationships take time! Also, look for areas in your life where you could be a little more friendlier to younger peers. They might want to be friends with you too!


My friend Reagan and i love acting out scenes or playing like we are from a different time period.
We will always be friends!

Youth Group

This was last year at a costume contest at North Point! I won.

Jordan and Candice

This is Jordan and I yesterday at Evangel University while my dad spoke:)

Best Birthday Ever


Okay... I just had my birthday, and what I thought to be a ginormous make-believe dream came true! If you've been around me the last couple years you have probably heard me talking about wanting a dog. Both of my parents said no for YEARS, and then i woke up to this...


Just a reminder for all of you out there who want a dream to come true and don't think it is possible; patience is the key! After much patience, prayer, and keeping up with my daily chores and school, God blessed me. His name is Charlie, btw, and he is a Chorkie. (Chihuahua/Yorkie)
Although he is 4 months old and still in the training stage, he is so much fun to be around!
During the first week, he ran into the screen door, barks at his own shadow, and thinks his tail is chasing him, while runs around the house with our house-shoes!

Don't ever think that God will never answer your prayers and you aren't heard. He will answer them, even though sometimes its a no. God will only give you what you can handle; so for all of you dog people out there who have never heard of  sleep-in day, or a quiet afternoon, remember that dogs are a blessing from God!

No Worries!

In my elementary years I never thought that when I reached the year I turned 13 it would be a downer.
EVERYONE pictures teenagers differently, and I want to redefine an "average teen" as these three words...

1 Confident
2 A person who never gets enough of The Lord
3 Someone who's not too self aware but cares about their attitude and takes care of their body.

You may be 8, or you may be 18, but whatever age, you don't have to grow up.
You can ALWAYS grow spiritually, or mentally, or physically, but never be too old to
"get in the sandbox again" like some people who don't. Some grow too fast...think about it.
You have only 216 months until you are an adult for an average of 480 months.

I was concerned at first because I had heard so much of teens into stuff and I was beginning to think that every teen would face on of the three. But I was wrong.

One day, my grandmother sat me down and told me all about how her teen years were the funnest years of her life. I was stunned! How could you have so much fun with school, peer pressure, parents, siblings, sports, driving, and more?

I know that The Lord is going to use me through these next seven years.

He WILL use you too, mightily!

If you are nervous about becoming a teenager then don't worry! There's hope:-)

(i recommend reading the book of Ecclesiastes!)


This morning, bright and early my sisters and i got up with our cousin Brooklyn and went to the nearby Indian Point Zipline. We have been there several times and enjoy it just the same!

It's always fun doing activities with cousins and sisters. we will always remember this special bonding time.

Doom at the Dentist!?

Click here!

 Ever feel afraid of having some medical care? I haven't met anyone yet who looks forward to going to the dentist. It can be sca-sca-sca-scarrrrrrryyyyyy!  But going isn't as bad as you think! Check out our video for our time there! (My favorite part is watching my mom pull Kelly Grace out of the car!)

Pip Squeak

This video was made by my sisters and my cousin Norah as they overcome the BULLIES!!! Turn your enemies into friends! We love making fun impromptu videos on the spot-much like the one your about to watch��
Watch as they overcome the bullies and have a fun Saturday!!

A Fresh Look to Summer

Summer fashion is just around the corner! Begin your summer by switching up your average closet...

Your hair style is you. It tells all about your personality, and taste for fashion.
Why not try something different for a fresh look?!

If you have hair longer than to your shoulders it opens so many possibilities.

Just naming three things;

-cut it for a cute summer style
-discover a new technique for french braids/pony tails
-practice braiding ten string of hair on the very top of your head, then joining them together all in a ponytail

and so many more!


Invent your own style of braiding at home!

Buns might not of been your taste for fashion, seeing they can make you look bald, but by taking a braid on one side of your hair swing it around and make a loose bun with a headband is SO CUTE!
(i wore this one on Sunday)

If you have short hair; pigtails, a tiny braid in the front, or even a headband across your forehead can be super stylish.

Now to your apparel.

Jeans and a tee shirt used to be the ordinary look... but could there be new ways to wear an xxl tee shirt with jeans? OF COURSE!

Just tuck the shirt in and give it some cushion. It looks best with the triple button jeans from justice.

Never fear, if you're not one of those people who feel like wearing tee shirts and jeans out, summer dresses can be very trendy. Remember- YOU ARE THE TRENDSETTER!
Become who God made you to be!

 Now has anyone seen California's trendy pants?! I have! They are made out of a lightweight material with most of the time, an aztec print. It seriously could go with any tee shirt.
 They are so comfy but so cute at the same time, that I wore it to church one morning, then to dinner another time!

Have ideas for other girls? Comment below and tell me!

Always remember that God made you to be you! Don't pretend that your someone else. if everyone did that, where would new styles come in? there wouldn't be any! Wouldn't it be silly to get to heaven then say to God, "At least I did my very best to be her..." That would be ridiculous. Seriously.

Summer Wellness Tips

Everyone wants to be that healthy neighbor or friend who is active and fit...
But most people don't know where to start on a healthy diet or healthy lifestyle! Sadly.
By following this three day plan, it will set you on the right tract for success! Don't like the morning routine?! After the three day test run you can stop it or keep going! Try it for yourself:

Day 1: Start your  healthy day by getting up 30 minutes before your usual set time.
Before you unroll out of your comfy bed, (and start to wonder why your up so early anyway) sit up and stretch. Open your bible to the proverb of the day (such as May 7th = Proverbs 7)
Start by memorizing the very first verse you read (verse 1). Read ALL of the chapter, but focus in on the first verse. Now, grab your things and head to the shower! Hot showers can be relaxing, however cold showers wake you up. And no, you don't have to pore an ice bucket on your head. Merely start the water lukewarm, then gradually turn it colder. Depending on what your body is used to, you won't even notice! After your shower, put on some lightweight comfy workout clothes. Your now 15 minutes into your time. Now you've walked in the kitchen and are starring at the fridge. A good filling breakfast is what i try to push for;

1: Collect your 3 favorite fruits and your favorite juice and blend with a handful of spinach. This is called the ________________ SMOOTHIE (your name).
2: Eggs are good protein. But you may not be fond of eggs, thankfully there are alternatives...

-yogurt with granola
-a slice of SWISS cheese
-putting protein powder in your smoothie

these will help your day by adding protein to energize your tired, wet body.

3: Some of you are probably used to a big, breakfast full of yo' mamas good southern cooking. but you don't know how to break the sugar toast habits, and the donut fillings.

Try taking a english muffin, and spreading cinnamon sugar butter on it. Yes, this isn't the healthiest, but for the first day, you'll manage :-)

After your breakfast looks somewhat appetizing, DO NOT SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE!
Take your breakfast OUTSIDE and find a good place to sit. For some, it might mean sitting next to your hamsters cage on the concrete. While for others, you have a number of rocking chairs to pull from. I usually pull a chair right into the sunlight and set my drink beside me, and hold my plate. This simple, relaxing exercise from sitting in the dark kitchen, to the great outdoors will be a peaceful experience you'll never forget.
You now have five minutes left until your thirty minutes is up. don't stress.

Now you are up, dressed, fed, and have a verse in your head. Its time to put that verse into practice!
Start off by taking a walk around your house. This  is different for everyone...

For some who live in apartments, a tred-mill, or even jogging in place is the best alternative. For others, its taking your dog up the neighborhood drive. I personally take about three laps everyday (i started just yesterday but getting the hang of it) around the house. While your walking, recite the first verse in your proverbs chapter over and over. Before long, you'll have it memorized like the back of your hand!
Walking for a good 3-5 minutes is a good start. That could mean more, or less for you.
Go at your own pace.

Okay. Take a deep breath. Drink some cold, icy water and VUALLA!

THATS ALL IT IS FOR DAY 1! easy huh?

Day two is pretty much the same. You are making a daily routine for your body.
By the third day your body will think its nothing.
Make your signature smoothie, grab a slice of cheese, and get your pastry item down to only HALF of that bread or muffin. Aim for 5-7 minutes of walking today.

Day three is the last trial day. Today is a good day to get all three verses and memorize them fully. When you're making your plate, take out that pastry item for good!
Aim for a good 10 minutes of walking (and remember to stretch before every walk)

You can go at your own pace for any of these, but i felt like me, along with others were lacking a good start to our day. Whether your homeschooled, go to public, or otherwise, we're all the same; trendsettergirls ready to conquer the world.

Calling on Him

Have you ever had an enormous list of things to do? Have you ever felt overwhelmed with a job or chore? What about a math or science test??!! I have! And nobody wants to be in a tight situation of some sort either. You might of not been in so tight of a situation that you feel like crying yet, but someday you most likely going to. and who do you turn to? If you have Christian people in your life then they're highly likely to tell you that you can run to God. Do you believe that? Have you ever had an experience where you ran into his arms of mercy and compassion? If not, your not alone.
 Being somewhere at the wrong place and wrong time is so frustrating. Whether its going to a creepy gas station late at night, or being in the middle of your parents argument, or even standing up for someone you don't even know, God is ready to help you. My mom used to tell me that if you feel a strong presence of anger, fear, or anxiety to say out loud, "JESUS! JESUS!" I used to think that it was ridiculous, but now, I am faced with more moments of tremendous worry, stress, or more. So I tried it the other day, (feeling a little awkward!) But it worked! I immediately felt God enter the presence of a dark, bedroom. She also would tell me that the demons can't stand to hear that name (Jesus).
I believe that now, too.

Yesterday, at my co-op, (a school you go to one day a week) our class was called the Class of 2015!! We had decorated our classroom and ate some donuts. Also we had graduation hats and bubbles. We took tons of pictures with all of our friends.  I had completed about 5 years of a program and I was moving on to Challenge A. Some people might say I am going onto being a 7th grader, but this grading system is different. it doesn't matter what grade you're in, you can start at any age and go onto being a Challenge A student. Thats the same with God; you can come to him from any situation!

My sister and I felt led to start this blog about 2 years ago. We see great visions for this blog and for girls' lives. So please, spread the word about trendsettergirls! We are building a team to redo some of the blog. If you have any questions or comments, then feel free to. If it is not working then you can call my mom (if you have her number)

Thanks for coming to the blog!


A Spontaneous Getaway!

Welcome to the blog!

Having a great weekend?! Write down below and share!

My family and I had a spontaneous getaway! Starting with my dad's canceled flight to Boston, and missing an entire school day for me and my sisters, our family drove to Branson MO yesterday. Our afternoon/this morning looked something like this;

-shopping at the outlets
-going to pizza world
-snuggling in our Lakehouse
-getting up and going to SDC
-(living it up)
and now, I am about to leave for my friend Katie's party!!!!

HAPPY LATE BDAY KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12YRS :-)

Have you ever been to Silver Dollar City? if so, what is your favorite ride?? Look forward to more posts on how to occupy your time and how to make yourself feel embarrassed.
(it isn't as bad as it sounds) lol

Have a great day!

Spring happenings!

My sister and I just arrived back from our grandmothers house. We were there for about 4 days! We love going there because we can have one on one time with Gigi and Poppy and also see the farm dog named Chip. He is a Dalmatian:-)

The springtime is the perfect time to get rid of clothes you don't need, items that are unessesary in your room, or even try a new hair style! If you don't already, try starting a reading plan for the bible or getting YouVersion app that has the bible simplified.
I have a verse i felt led to share with you; "Sing to Him a new new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy!" Psalms 33:1

What are your favorite activities? Write and tell me about it!

Also, if you have a pet, share its name and what kind!



Being an outstanding host!

Hello, Trendsetters! I hope you are enjoying these wintery-weather days! Have you ever invited a friend over, and then didn't know what to play?! This can be stressing, and put permanent damage on the creative abilities of girls in the 21st century!!!!! (Well, at least it puts you in a tricky position.) I say, go beyond the ordinary! Think out of the box! When my sister Kelly and I asked our friend Monta to come over for a playdate, we decided to make a movie about two chocolate thieves! It ended up being pretty random, but the point was that we had fun, thought beyond the ordinary, (such as watching TV all day, sitting around, etc.) and made the most most of our time together. Listed below are some ways to make the most of 
your time with friends:

Draw or paint
Make up a dance
Write a song 
Preform a play
Make cookies or other fun treats
Make a movie (My personal favorite!)
Read books 
Play outside
Play an instrument
Watch a favorite movie 
Do homework (It is lots more fun to do together!)
Make friendship bracelets

See what mean? Here are the videos that I made with friends.

News Post with Friends!

Had some fun with our friend, Reagan! When you have peeps over, don't just sit there! Get creative!

Click Here!

Family Farm Movie!

If you look in my previous posts, you'll see one taking about how my family makes family movies. Now you finally have a video to see of it! Although this is just pretty much pictures to music, and we couldn't get the actual movie to upload to youtube, at least you get to see the basic idea. We shot our first one three years ago called "SAVE THE FARM" then one last year called "RIVERVEIW HARVEST FESTIVAL" and this years was not named yet:-) it premieres in the spring of 2015

One of the favorite things we like to do as a family is tie the movie around the holidays and celebrate it together as a family. This movie my Mississippi family arrived an got to spend thanksgiving with us! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas Performance!

Another fun Christmas performance behind us as we settle in for the holidays!

At the Stained Glass Theater, my sisters and I participated for the pre-show on Thursday, december 4.

It definitely took lots of hard work and practice. As the director said to us, "Practice does not make perfect. You could practice for something the whole year long but if you don't have a good practice then all the practices were not worth anything. Good practice is what makes perfect!" We practice for about 3 weeks and it all paid off in the end! But we didn't just GET there...

First there was deciding if we were going to do it. Then practicing. Then auditioning. Then getting excepted. Then more practice. Then sound checks. Then performance!!!

Click below to watch:

Its True Hip Hop Performance Video!

A special thank you to teams 1 & 2 for Its True's fall performance (last night at Ozark Dance Academy! )

We appreciate your hard work and effort this season! We look forward to seeing you next semester!

Click below to watch our dances:


For those of you who aren't in Its True, let me explain where this all started;
In ancient times, (two years ago) Candice Gibbons, Chez Caudill, and Kelly Gibbons longed for a hip hop dance team that was appropriate, affordable, and close by. That's when it struck Candice that she could start their own dance team right there in Ozark! Of course, there were concerns like where to preform, where to meet, and how much it would cost them. after nights of hard work, Chez and Kelly came up with the name and slogan "Its True...God is legit and we all know it", and Candice wrote forms for the parents to fill out while she was figuring out the teams colors (in the video, you'll notice that the colors are lime green and black.) but that wasn't all they had to do... where would they get the dancers and teachers??? In February of 2012, they had a meeting with their moms at the Chateau in Branson, and lets just say along the path they went from having two young college teachers and only a couple dancers, to a professional teacher with over 24 dancers! Now the dance team is thriving. From having the weirdest semesters to the best, this was our fourth semester and fourth performance and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. Candice quotes, "I enjoyed the music, the teammates, and the shirts/hats/jackets. it is a wonderful activity to add to your week!" 

If you are interested in signing up for next year, (and have never done it before) please comment below the post and feel free to ask me or my mom questions about it.

Thanks for coming to the blog!

Everyone has a gift set!

Ever since i was young, my sisters and i loved to preform and make up skits, wherever, whenever we could! Almost every night we would put on some sort of costume and show mom and dad how much we enjoyed it. It wasn't long before we were put in our church choir, drama class, and dance. Now we are currently about to preform at the Stained Glass Theater pre-show this Thursday night! It shows me that when you work hard and do your best (and let God do the rest) you can accomplish anything!! So how do you get to a big goal in a short time period????

Step one: find out what your'e good at and work your very best on improving it.

Step two: Get into a program/sport/activity that will improve your gift set on a regular daily/weekly basis.

Step three: See what happens! By putting yourself out there you don't just give out flyers saying to let your be apart of something, but by trying out at the orchestra program -etc, you are setting yourself up to win. Who knows what God has in store for you!!

Have a meaningful day!!!

P.S. a past music video will be posted soon!

Listening to Others!

Hey girls! This is a link to a video explaining the topic of listening to others. Its easy to blow 

someone off without  realizing it and going you own way, but that could end in failure. This video 

was made by Candice, Ryan, Kelly, Bria, Hannah, and Allison gibbons down at m grandparents farm. 
 If you have any siblings, then maybe you would like to show this to them too!! This video is of kids, 

made by kids! Enjoy! A lesson in Listening To Others

Learning @ home!

"Alabama and Alaska, Arizona Arkansas-..." the list goes on in this sight and sound-felt- video! Watch Candice as she sings her states!!  When you're bored or need ideas, always try to make a new song for you or your family! Although, i am lip-syncing to this, it is fun to pretend and, it has helped me learn my states! There are more educational videos headed your way soon! So, sing along and learn @ home!

Italian Chef

Hi Girls! Do any of you want to travel somewhere in the world that's a foreign country? I sure do! Ever since I was little I dreamed of going to Italy to get married and maybe even living there. I knew it wasn't realistic, especially since my dad said if I wanted him to actually attend my wedding it had to be in America! Even if I never venture out to Rome, I at least like eating and cooking with their food styles! 

In this video, I am pretending to be an Italian chef cooking in my decked out italian kitchen!!! Although this recipe is not all italian, I enjoyed pretending it was! You too can use your imagination in your free time...even if you are not homeschooled everyday you can imagine something, pretend something, play or write. 

Candid Candice Welcomes Special Guest

Hey friends! I would like to encourage everyone to learn a foreign language...just like the Australian Candice said! It will enlarge your mind and expand your brain. Enjoy your schoolwork because you never know when you may need it!

Jordan Boy's Happy Dance

My little brother Jordan is the coolest! Although he has been at the hospital this week for his eye and some other stuff, I thought I would post one of the videos I made with him before he had to go to the doctor. I love him and so proud because he can already dance at 8 weeks old!

For those of you who have siblings, have FUN WITH YOUR FAMILY! Don't grow up missing chances to be together having memories. Even if your brother is older than you...connect with him! Or if you have sisters then make time to be with them before you grow up and can't see each other as much because of college and work. Brothers and sisters are gifts from God!

CLICK HERE for a video of Jordan dancing!

Candid Candice's Tips for Being with the Elderly

The Bible teaches us to honor the elderly that have lived longer than us and know more than us. Having time to be with older people can be great but it can also be hard to connect. I have hope! Check out this Candid Candice video with some tips on interacting with your grand or great-grand parents or someone else you know that is older. CLICK HERE! And remember... MAKE TIME FOR OLDER PEOPLE!

Candid Candice Video on Brushing Teeth!

Ever feel like you don't want to brush your teeth? Well , my philosophy is to MAKE IT FUN! I made this video after I went to the dentist so I would appreciate my toothbrush!

Since God made our bodies, we should take care of them. It's like telling God, "I appreciate what you made and will care for it!" But when we don't brush our teeth it's like saying, "I don't care about what God made!" Plus, we only get one set of big-person teeth so we better take care of them so they last for the next 70 years!!


Click here for a Candid Candice video!

One World Video

Videos are a blast to make! Dont sit around and watch videos (well, maybe watch some trendsetter ones!)...make your own in your free time and share it with others! This video was done probably a whole year a go by now and it involves me and my Irish twin (means we are born within a year of each other), who made trendsetterminis. It was in the winter and we got bored so I asked her if she wanted to dance to music (I ended up doing most of the rapping even though I only knew the chorus). Of course, it shows how you can use even the most boring of times to accomplish and have fun with a simple video!

Toddler Teen Talk

Angel and I are really close... This past wednesday night right after we came home from church she asked me if we could play teenagers together! (of course i said yes, because she ended her question with something like "LOL!")

She also demanded that she would borrow my clothes so she put on one of the shortest dresses I had, so I let her wear one ONLY for the night. Then, she picked up my phone and said, "do you want to text your boyfriend, sis?!" I was shocked, but also tried to hold back giggles as i explained how you don't get boyfriend until your 18...but she replied, "So? Let's pretend we're 18 years old!" (and what could I say back)

Also, you'll notice that in the video towards the end that i kept on saying things like , "OMG" and I did, because that was her cue to say, (what she came up with on her own) "D-O-F-A!" (which means nothing) but she never said it:-)

But the point of all this is to show how SILLY IT IS to do some of those teenager things!!!! It honestly looks ridiculous! So as we are growing up, let not try to be and do what everyone else is doing! We are trendsetter girls! WE CAN LEAD THE WAY without looking hilarious!!!!

Jordan Unleashes Power!

My baby brother usually has the whole family on the edge of our seat because of all the little faces and cute stuff he does! Whether its smiling even he doesn't realize it, or his hic-ups that drive him crazy, but are high pitched and adorable to us!!! This is a link to a video I made of him one day when he was so cute I couldn't help but show him off and share the joy with others...

Click above to see a "powerful" (literally) video of  few weeks old baby Jordan Scott Gibbons!!


In our lives, there are many different kinds of friends. Some might be loud, bossy, or way too mild, while others just don't workout for you. in this post, I will be sharing to you how you can FIND friends. Then, in the next post, I'll blog about how to BREAK UP unhealthy friendships. Then, at the end I will share how YOU can be a good friend!

How to FIND: Some people think that you can attract friends by having or wearing stuff, which (this may surprise you) they can! But they wouldn't be real friends. so, how can you find REAL FRIENDS that aren't just with you for the ride of just having the cool sibling? Here are a few simple steps to finding if they are LEGIT;

 First, see there outlook. that may sound a little cheesy at first, because it totally seems like even a preschooler would know that! But in a serious way, its true. See if they're taking care of their bodies and if they wear modest clothes. Also, check to see if their manners are correct and they don't say bad words. this is a simple task but an important one to follow!
Then, see how they treat their parents. For instance, if their mom says," C'mon Anna! I asked you to get in the car 5 minutes ago and your still talking to Candice!!!" Then your "friend" mutters to you, "ugh, moms. I wish that she would mind her own business..." That wouldn't be a good sign to have a relationship with her. (P.S. its the same  with boyfriends, but we'll not blog about that until later:-)
Also, make sure she has a stable foundation and love for The Lord. You're probably told this a lot in life, but its true. I know there's probably NO PERFECT FRIEND in the world, but if you HAD to just go with one of these, check this character trait off.

So far, we have covered, OUTLOOK, their ATTITUDE, and LOVE FOR THE LORD.

I will repeat, NO FRIEND will be PERFECT. but it is good to look for these character qualities in one another.

Now that we've covered the serious stuff about of to FIND a friend, lets have some fun!
   If your personality is one of these, comment A, or B.

A: You're an outgoing person! Always sports, and sleepovers is what your doing. Maybe you like dogs? or is it that competitive side in you that calls out, ART!!! Sometimes your friends think that your can be just a little overbearing, though:-)

B: If its spring, you want summer. If its fall, you want winter. You like to dance, read, and most likely sew. Maybe you paint your nails or write by the fire? Most likely, you have a cat  or a hamster. But, some of your friends think you can be a little too mellow and frightened by the littlest things, or you ask too many deep questions!

Be Creative When Bored!

Because there is such a word as bored, we have to learn how to keep ourselves from not falling into that trap! Try doing things you're good, music, art, fitness, etc.

My sister Kelly and I made a music video because we were falling in the, "I don't know what to do" kind of attitude. Although its not that choreographed, I thought I should share it with you to inspire you to enjoy YOUR talent!

A Good Start To Your Day!

Ok, so have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? I have! But thankfully, I thought of some solutions to this worldwide tragedy...

Here's a situation that you could maybe relate to:

6:09 : "Time to wake up!" Your mom protests as you sit up in you bed with your bunny pajamas and slippers.

6:10 : You act like a zombie as you climb down your bunk bed ladder and walk to your closet.
As you look through your closet you just so happen to 'notice' you have 'no' clothes.

But the bus is almost here!!!!

6:20 : You're still looking in your closet. Nothing looks good! You either wore that yesterday, the day before, or its just in your laundry basket.

But wait. There's hope. People in Haiti don't even have  two outfits.

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! You just want to crawl back in bed but you can't! Your feet are glued to the floor. Your eyes are glued inside your warm, comfortable, eye lids. Your head is spinning in slow motions over, and over, and over. And,.... OH NO!!! You  remembered you have to take a shower!

Doesn't that just sound like the worst day ever? But wait, you do have an alternative for this kind of morning:-D

Some things that help me in the mornings are things like, getting up earlier than anyone else, taking a warm shower, stretching and doing devotions, or even taking a walk outside.

These simple things can help you focus on the only reason your heart is still beating. To get that soul to heaven. Also, by reading a Proverb once a day (whatever day it is read the chapter) it helps your mind not just focus on the negative, but the positive.

Try whatever you struggle with and make it a 'positive' for you day. I don't know what or how you start your day, but I can say for sure pretty much everyone struggles with the mornings.

Thanks for checking out the blog!

Angel's 2 yr-old Lip-syncing!

Hi friends! Have you ever laughed with family? My sister Angel makes us all laugh! I found this video from her last summer when she was 2 yrs old and it is adorably funny!

The Bible says that a "joyful heart is good medicine!" Laughing actually makes your body feel better and helps us all deal with the more serious things in life. I hope you laugh today and feel fabulous! Click below to see the video

Church...To Do or Not to Do!?

Do you think church or God is boring?! NO WAY! God is exciting and so is being a part of His church! 

This is a highlight video I made on my own over a few weeks! I am learning how to use my interest and ability to be a part of what God is doing! 

The video is from my grandparent's church called Hope Church in Springfield, MO. I attended there on Wednesday nights and these are clips from some of our events. You will even see Kelly Grace and Bria singing! 

Going to church isn't just an activity like a social event or sport. It's a place we grow in wisdom. It's life-giving and God wants us to love being with other kids that love Him or helping kids that don't know Him yet.  We can learn more about God and have a blast too! My dad even loves encouraging people in a message about how the Church is a place of hope and healing. And it really is! 

So the next time you are thinking you don't want to go to church or maybe you are an adult that doesn't want to go, just remember life is exciting when you are a part of what God is doing!!! CLICK BELOW for a video! 

Start with What You Have!

Do you have a dream? Is it hard to imagine it becoming a reality? Don't worry! 

Just start with what you have in front of you! Just take it one step at a time and do what you can. This is my epic silly video but really its symbolic of my desire to make films! I can't make a full movie today but I can do a music video to brighten your day! 

So, just do what you can with what you have and things will grow in time. Enjoy! Click below!

Girls Just Gotta Have Fun Video!

We made some new scenes for a video to share with you! Click above.

We are just having fun as sisters and I want to encourage you to enjoy your creative side with your family and friends too! Instead of watching media, make some with your own everyday life.

And thanks to the Retropolitan Salon in Ozark for allowing us to video while we were there getting our hair cuts! Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to check out some of the others blog posts from us to you!

A Music Video on Forgiveness!

Here is a music video we made for you, friends! This is a powerful song by Toby Mac about making peace with someone that you are upset with in life. If you have someone you need to make things right with then do it! God will help you and it isn't worth staying upset and losing a friendship or relationship with family. Just remember we have all messed up and everyone needs forgiveness. God has forgiven us all so much we need to forgive others just as we have been shown forgiveness. Listen to the words of this song and think about it!

Ever Been Embarrassed?!

There is never a dull moment in our house!!! You girls have to see this of my sister Allison who was dancing then completely fell and we all laughed!!! Sometimes things happen in life that could be embarrassing but if you do like Allison and laugh it off instead of throwing a fit it becomes fun for everyone! Try to remember that next time you have an incident happen! 


3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Then you all jump up and down and toast sparkling cider:-).

Its a new year, blog friends! And we are celebrating 10406 page views this past year!

This year me along with my sisters are going to try to start a series of videos! We don't know what we will call them but be looking for a video or two each week! This blog will hopefully thrive the next year so be praying God uses this blog to impact people. Please be inviting people to come check out the blog!

Be looking for more new things on the blog and please keep commenting!


"Why did Christmas go by so fast this year?" I say to myself.

To my surprise just like last year and the year before 2013x it has been one day of fun. One day of food family and presents. It's not my presents are not any bigger but maybe it could be my perspective. Sometimes it seems I have things in perspective.  
Sometimes you might rush by something and want to try it again and see it differently. Honestly and truly most things in life you can't go back and try it or do it again.

So how can you make up for a mistake or the big picture, you can either learn from it and try it again, or you can moan and groan on the floor and talk to your pet.

My point being there is something bigger than losing the childhood feeling at Christmas or your event happening differently than you thought. This is going to be on Judgment day when you need to be ready for being judged.
Your perspective on Christianity and Christ will come to a test- and your perspective of the Chruch will be reveled, and there is no second chance to get that perspective again. None.

So how can you prepare for this? Write what you think in comments.We're waiting to hear from you.

Get Well Soon Tips

     Hello everyone! This is Kelcey (short for Kelly Grace or as my family says, "Kelly Gracey"). Today I have a sore throat and a headache. I hope that you are doing well though. I have played so much out in the snow I think I came down with something.  If you are sick or ever get sick in the future this video offers some practical tips!

   Most of all, PRAY! God will hear you and heal you! He may use some vitamins, herbs, water, and rest but ultimately He is the healer of us all! So pray hard then take care of your body! Also, as a bonus video, I have included some more laughs from my sisters since laughter is good like a medicine too! Much love and health to you all~Kelcey

Snowed Inn

You never know when a tragic event such as snowed in at home with a fire and Christmas movies will come.

Actually in the moment I am living it up with a foot of snow in my backyard. Eating pumpkin bread or doing an art project can be refreshing after a busy week of busy days which have been leading up to busy hours then busy minutes and seconds:-)

You might be snowed in your 'inn' as well and looking for something to do! Here are some ideas to help you be productive wherever you are in the world!

1. Make an exercise sheet and work out using soup cans for weights, or jumping on your bed!
2. Write a story about The Girl Who Got Snowed In.
3. Play Girl Lost In Snow outside using your dirty coat pretending you're poor with no home.
4. Write a letter to one of your close friends explaining how you feel a close connection with the snow.
5. Dress up your dolls or pets and play a game.
6. Keep commenting on trendsettergirls and Candice will write back-I am Candice:-0
7. Make a pie out of snow.
8. Sell the pie.
9. Take the money from the pie you sold and buy some more snow outside.
10. You don't have to follow any of these if you don't want to.

Thanks for coming to the blog!

Laughter is Healthy!

Here is a HILARIOUS clip from me (Candice) singing  about macaroni when I was 7! I think the only thing we can learn from this video is to take time today to do something funny! Studies show that laughing 15 minutes a day helps a person with stress relief and can boost immunity among other things. See below some research I found online from WebMD:

Laughter's Effects on the Body

In the last few decades, researchers have studied laughter's effects on the body and turned up some potentially interesting information on how it affects us:
  • Blood flow. Researchers at the University of Maryland studied the effects on blood vessels when people were shown either comedies or dramas. After the screening, the blood vessels of the group who watched the comedy behaved normally -- expanding and contracting easily. But the blood vessels in people who watched the drama tended to tense up, restricting blood flow.
  • Immune response. Increased stress is associated with decreased immune system response, says Provine. Some studies have shown that the ability to use humor may raise the level of infection-fighting antibodies in the body and boost the levels of immune cells, as well.
  • Blood sugar levels. One study of 19 people with diabetes looked at the effects of laughter on blood sugar levels. After eating, the group attended a tedious lecture. On the next day, the group ate the same meal and then watched a comedy. After the comedy, the group had lower blood sugar levels than they did after the lecture.
  • Relaxation and sleep. The focus on the benefits of laughter really began with Norman Cousin's memoir, Anatomy of an Illness. Cousins, who was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a painful spine condition, found that a diet of comedies, like Marx Brothers films and episodes of Candid Camera, helped him feel better. He said that ten minutes of laughter allowed him two hours of pain-free sleep.

So, come laugh with me and be healthy today! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH .... that felt amazing.
Welcome to trendsettergirls! I am Candice and wanted to tell you that I am so excited you came: whether you heard it from a friend or me!

If you would like to learn more about me type in the search box 'about'

I have some quizzes down in 'older posts'

Or if you like we can communicate in 'comments'

Whatever you wish because I will be on here every other day and can't wait to hear from you!

P.S. I am the one in the middle:-)

Sounds of Life!

Hey friends! I don't know about you but my house (or my grandparents house in this video!) can have some funny sounds! I was just sitting on the couch watching and listening to all the things around me. It's kinda funny! And even though I make it sound like I don't like it, truth is, I love my family and all the activity. Just think, I could be sitting here alone. So, take a moment today and appreciate the world around you at home with your family...even if its unique!

Every Day is An Adventure!

Click link below to see video

Have you ever had a normal day turn into an exciting day?! We sure have! In fact, at our house there seems to always be something happening out of the ordinary! When we had something burning upstairs in our house we had to call 911! I made a video out of the drama of it all! Found out that our computer had burned up but thankfully that is all! It sure made us alert that day! I hope that your family has something exciting but NOT an emergency! Every day in life is an adventure!

Get Up and Go!

Hey girls! Have you all been taking care of your bodies? I hope so! If you want to feel fabulous then you have to eat right and exercise. A little every day goes a long way! You may have some other ways to get moving or other foods you like that are healthy, but here is a video I made in 2011 when I was just 7 with some tips from 6 year old Kelly Grace!

Classic Bria!

Our sister Bria is SO FUNNY but isn't even trying to be! She just does life with such spunk! Especially watch the end of this video where she thinks Angel (our youngest sister) will be 50 and still watching Barney.

Ryan's Highlight Video!

This post is to celebrate Ryan, our cousin! He plays sports and we were able to go cheer him on this week. You may want to gather your brothers and any other guy friends to see this for fun!

Breath of Life Film

Breath of Life was designed to show how the breath of God gives us all we need to live! This is a one-minute video written, filmed, directed, and produced by us! (Candice and Kelly Grace). Enjoy!

Funny Video on Smoking

Flash back to an educational video I made of my sister and cousin while we were traveling to Florida! I am encouraging people to not smoke so you can stay alive and healthy.

Candid Camera with Candice

     Sometimes when you need someone to be there for you and no one is around just be thankful you have yourself! God made you and just make it fun when you are alone! Watch this random fun video to see what I mean! And it's me in rare and raw form!

Original Dance with the Gibbons Girls!

This is a dance I made up for my sisters (and my cousin who wanted to join in) at the wedding rehearsal dinner for my Uncle William and Aunt Haylee! We had a blast! It took place in the party barn at my grandparents farm called Riverview Ranch. Enjoy!


Hi Friends! Wow! September is finally kicking in! Have you had a chance to invite someone to church? I have had a busy weekend but hopefully had a chance to show God's love to someone! I have also had a chance to be in a wedding and it was loads of fun! It is a great chance to watch people commit to be together for better for worse. I would like to encourage all of you to read da Word every chance you get. Feel free to comment on your life or questions you might have.
P.S. That is Kelcey and I at the wedding dinner.


Ok, this sounds a little weird, but I started my own tradition to start listening to Christmas music all the way through September and January! Actually, it's kind of fun! I listen to Christmas jazz when I go to sleep! So I encourage you, if you are looking for something or a type of music to listen to, try Christmas jazz! (if you do not have any cd's try Pandora)

Mundane to Fundane!

 My mom had to run some errands so we decided to turn it into some fun! Meghan was able to join us and we just added music and video! When you have to do something ordinary, think of something to make it extraordinary!

Sinus Stuff

WHY ME!! That old sinus headache has got the best of me this weekend. I can not stand it anymore! Headaches, nose running so fast you can't stop it, yep I have it all. PLEASE PRAY. I am having a rough time. But when storms come, it's not learning how to wait it out, it's about learning how to dance in the rain!!!! I have so many thoughts going on in my head right now; why do I have to stay in bed?

    It's not a matter of 'GET ME OUT OF BED' more than it is 'I WANT TO BE BETTER'

HA! Thanks for coming to the blog!

Allison and the camera
This is a fun and informative video I made a couple years ago with my sisters! The point is to show what not to do and what to do when obeying your parents! Enjoy!

Being productive in your free time!

Have you ever felt really bored? Ok, let me put it this way. Have you ever had nothing to do in a moment you really needed an idea? Or were you just needing some attention?
I have great news! If you answer 'yes' to this question you might not feel this way anymore!
Question: Do you have an electronic that has a video camera on it?
Answer: (yes)
GET VIDEO STAR! (if you have not already) You GET attention AND its free! AND, you come up with creative ideas! I will try to post some videos of me doing some to give you ideas!

Spending Time With God!

     Have you ever felt so tired that you thought you could fall asleep right there? Or is it just when you are supposed to read your Bible or talk to God? If you think about it, you might just feel that or another temptation from reading your Bible or talking to God. Not just those things, but do you even take the time to listen to God?
      It might happen other times too. For instance, when you need the energy to do something you like, you immediately get it. Whatever it takes, you get it. You might think there is no cure for this and that we were just born with it. I have news. A.There is a cure.
B. We were ALL born with it. It is a mentality of your mind dreading to work or do something you wish you didn't have to do. If you really love the Lord and want to follow him, you shouldn't dread reading the Bible or talking to God. It is a privilege to do those things. So I will leave you today encouraging and wishing you would take the time right now wherever you are and whatever your doing to go spend some time with God. Bye!

Why rush?

My mom tells me all the time to enjoy what stage I am at in that moment because sometimes I rush life. It can happen very easily in all of our lives. Here is a scenario...

You are at the mall with your mom. she is taking you there to buy you some new tennis shoes. When at the shoe store you see a really cute pair of sandals. When your mom finds some tennis shoes you tell her about the sandals when your mom is trying to bless you. You

A. You say you will pay for them

B. You forget about the tennis shoes, and replace them with sandals.

C. You put down the sandals, then thank your mom for the tennis shoes.

You might think C was the right answer, but would you and your flesh really do that?

If you picked A then read this; Your mom sighs and then says 'no' to you. She is upset with you for asking for too much.

If you picked B read this; Your mom thinks about it then says that you shouldn't be so hasty about shoes and says 'no' to you. You go to the corner and pout until mom gets mad...

If you picked C then read this; Good for you! Your mom would surely be thankful. Who knows, maybe at your birthday you will get them!

Put your answer below at 'comment'

That was a scenario about stuff. Also rush can come at a certain age...
let's say you turned 11. At your party you keep saying you can' wait to be 12! Isn't that silly? But it still is practical. Try not 2 rush tings when you get into a place where u can.

Present time!!!

Hi friends! Today there is a special blessing going to come to you. My family and I play this game where everyday there is a blessing waiting because there is. When you are looking for one you find one. For example, we call Tuesday, Cloudy Tuesday and we look for a blessing to come our way! Try it, then just maybe you will get a blessing when you suspect it!


Ever feel like you can't email me since I am always putting new posts up? NEW SOLUTION! Feel free to ask me questions of even talk to me! (well not exactly since you know like,...this is a computer)...

Just look at the bottom of this post and ask me anything you want. Whether it is questions on a situation, of just how things are lookin' right now!


Hi girls!
NEWS: Guess what? Nope, I didn't become President, and no, my mom did not get me ice cream for lunch-MY DAD GOT HIS EARS PIERCED 6 TIMES!!!! (you might be thinking I am kidding but I am TELLING THE TRUTH!) (Actually, I am joking, but he did just on one ear...his doctor said it would help his back)

LESSON LEARNED: If you don't even know what my dad's background is you would probably believe me. So if you ever see anyone doing anything not bad but not good you don't even know where they came from so don't judge them for what they look like!

P.S. (my dad is a Pastor so you wouldn't expect him to wear that at all!!)

WHAT would you do?

What would you do if you invited your friend over and after all the begging you did to let her come over you promised your mom that you would take you friend home around 6:00 since you guys live 3 blocks down. The friend doesn't want to go home but you promised your mom you would take her home since your mom had to go to a meeting. Your friend says she won't be your friend anymore because she says she won't go home because her brother and dad are not Christians and they hurt her when the friend's mom isn't there. You either

A. Believe her and let the friend and you stay up all night eating chocolate.

B. Say you would have to ask your mom, who would eventually call the police to come check out the home.

C. Go over to the house with your friend and see what was really happening.

D. Don't do anything at all. You go ahead and take her home, but don't go inside. Strike 1 on her...No more friend.

The LITTLE things in life...

Sometimes hairs CAN get in your food. Just how it is in life. If you are so concerned about little things it doesn't help the situation. For example, if I look at one little hair then you don't want to eat any of it. Try looking at the BIG picture! Get you mind on the POSITIVE things!

A Fun Video!

In drama class a while ago, my sister, Kelsey did a speech on Abigail Adams, I am pretty sure. This is a fun video that I thought I should share!
Happy Wednesday!

Q. and A.

It seems as if the lady in front of you on row 8 at the grocery store just dropped her water on the floor and spilled it all over her pants. You

A. Get your mom's phone and call the psychologist and tell them that the weirdo person in front of you is crazy and you want to sign her in for the insane treatment.

B. Ask her if she wants some more water.

C. Ask if you can help her clean up.

D. You slip past her and go to row 9.

Comment at the bottom of this post and put the 'letter' answer you choose.
Good morning!

Word of encouragement:
It is hard to get up out of bed some days, but what helps me is the night before I think of something that I am really looking forward to for the next day. Then, I wake up and I am so exited about that thing I want to get up. The key word is motivation. Even if it means getting up and thinking about what your going to do after school that day, or maybe even thinking about breakfast. Just try it, motivation might work!

Self awareness:
 Ever been in a sticky situation when all you want to do is get out of there and do your own thing? You know, like when your mom mentions to you to clean up your little sister's room when you wanted to go play basketball??? Yep, I have been there alright, and it's not easy. but when you just get it done instead of procrastinating, it puts you in a place where your mom knows you're willing, but you thought you could play basketball first. It happens all the time when you mom might have a change in plan. Say 'ok mom' and who knows, maybe she might let you have extra time outside!

Daily update:
We are on vacation, we are going fishing this Thursday, and we are going to Branson this Thursday.

Fashion show

Fashion show time!! #LetsDoThis

Hi everyone!

Word of encouragement:
 Have you ever been complimented and don't know what to say? Try this. Instead of saying something negative to make you sound like your friend, such as, "Hey, your lucky, your dad is a president-" (you say) "you know, I am very blessed to have my dad as a president, but you know, God gave me this blessing and now I just serve him and I love him." When you give the glory to God it makes the whole difference. Just praise the Lord and if that person is not a Christian they will see your leadership and confidence inside of you.

Self awareness:
 Is it easy to be good friends with your siblings? Well, no. Is it possible? Yes! By having at leased a ten minute bible study each day you are putting God before you in everything. Just take the challenge and who knows, maybe you and your sibling might live together someday!

Daily update: Dear friends,
                              I started a new school in April. I am on vacation. and that's about it!

Thanks for coming to the blog girls!
ATTENTION! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! ALERT! ALERT! My sister, Kelly is having surgery today! Please pray! Will try to give another update soon!
 Hi everyone!!! It's me, Candice. Today, I am starting a new school! Please pray that everything goes well!! Love you all, Candice the first
Hello everyone! Do you guys know what you are doing with this sunny Saturday? Guess what? I am running errands...hahahahaha...ha ha.
Hi everyone! Are you guys pumped at 7:20 now??? I got up around 6:56...I should have slept in but could not. Ya know when you just HAVE to get up? Like, when your body says, " Candice, you need to get up, you have not posted on the blog in a while!" In this case, it was not that. But all I know is I am awake, to stay awake! LOL.
Hello girls! How was everybody yesterday? Hi guys! Another day at the G family home. How was your day? Did you play outside in the hot air today? Did anyone have waffles today?
A dance team that I, along with my sister and friend at school, made is called, "It's True"! Now we have nine people plus two teachers! Our verse is John 8:32. Lots of fun! It is truly a great team. Have you girls ever been on some type of team? Tell me about what you have done...
We went to a concert this Thursday and met Toby Mac...great guy. He signed our hats from one of our dance teams which you will hear about next post:-) The concert was so much fun! If you have ever wondered how a singer really sounds besides behind the mic it is truly interesting! He sang for us and it sounded cool. If you are a concert goer it is very fun. If you are not, totally understandable! Have a nice day and happy Easter!
Do you know how to tie you shoes?
Dear friend, You might have known me for a long time, or you and I have just begon our friendship together. So let's have a Q and A! Q. How do I know you like the blog? A. I know by you looking on my blog every once in a while and maybe even commenting on my posts. I really appreciate it! ...Sorry in the delay of posts but we went on a trip and have been a little busy! Thank you for coming up on the blog, and reading this post! I like ya on my blog! Q. How long will I keep the blog up? A. Possibly forever...maybe when we are going to die I am commenting; "Lord take my soul, and let the blog live while I go to the Great Beyond..." lol. Q. How do I know you guys check out the blog? A. By looking on this thing and looking at it. (literaly, staring at it waiting for it to show me) and then it might show me... Thanks for reading my Q and A! love ya girl! -Cade aka Candice
P.S. I might not be able to comment these coming up days:-(
How have my friends been??? I have not seen some of you in a long time! PLEASE comment and keep me updated on what's been happening in you world. I know if anyone has 4 younger siblings and is not even a mom yet it's a little hard:o I also think anyone who is not a mom and has to do laundry and dishes it can be a little frustrating! Some of us might like to share this stuff with each other...if you want, write a comment and maybe another girl can relate! This is going to be fun!
Has anyone been outside tonight??? Beautiful winds, kind of warm air, and well, guess I just love the outdoors! Me and the rest of the crew besides mom and dad went 'camping' just a minute ago. We took lights and 'weapons' outside there and towels...then did the army crawl and looked for an adventure!! HA! side note. Has anyone seen "The Lost Madallion" movie? (I hoped I spelled it right) It is awesome if you like to watch adventure movies! But on one part it is kind of creepy! HA! Idt it has come out yet on dvd but we saw it Monday night at movie theatre! P.S. 'idt' means I don't think)
AHH, if you only see how much I enjoy a good day off*8D (That is a smiling face with a bow and glasses). If You want to you can write about a time when you had a relaxing day yourself! P.S. That is not at my house...
DA DA DA!!!!! Happy birthday to my dear friend Meghan! Meghan Has to be one of my best freinds, she is sweet, sharing, kind, and confident:D HAPPY BIRTHDAY! -Candice Gibbons, the first.
Hi fellow friends! Thanks for checking out my blog! How was everyone's Valentines Day? Maybe if you want you could give a comment about it! Have a waffle-panda-thriving Thursday!
As a pk, (pastors' kid) I learn the principle values of; pride, friendliness, and staying up late:-). It's wonderful bringing lives to Christ and fun hanging around with teenagers, but what I learn most of all, (besides bringing people to Christ) I learn about how to handle pride. Some people brag of what their dad does for work, or how much money they have, or even they get to stay up later than others. But I have learned that just because you or your friend might have more, that doesn't mean they are better than you. They just have a bigger amount in that area. Everyone has something special about them, whether it is a sport, or in a job, or even in the amount in money. The second thing I learned is friendliness to people. Ok, I have to admit, I was shy when I was little. But the past year or so I learned that you don't have to be afraid to try to talk to someone new. It turns out pretty fun sometimes! A new friend is awesome! P.S. About the staying up late part, it is pretty fun sometimes but to tell you the truth, I am not a night person:-D Thanks for checking the blog! P.S.S.S.S. (the picture is of Realife Student Ministries where my dad is the director)
You might think I never change:-) Well, you could say I grew! I found this pic and thought I would never change...but I look at myself now and think that no matter how you look, or what your life is like, you CAN change. Thx for checkin in on the blog!
Now that you know me, you should meet my sisters... Kelsey-9 (Kelly Grace) Brianna-7 (Bria) Allison-5 (Ally) Angelina-2 (Angel) and then of course, Candice-10 This is our family pic of 2012. Even though we look like one happy family, there are some little things that happen...if ya know what I mean. If you read in the 'old posts' on the bottom it shows another pic of me and 'Angel'and a story. Thanks for checking out my blog!
My mom and I have the best in memories. One imperticular is when she took me on a walk and told me some things. You might hold a grudge against your mom. (You might of expected me to say that's ok, but its not:-l.) So I have come to tell you how to try to avoid doing that. (not avoiding your mom but the argument). 1. Don't argue back (trust me, it happens)but be as flexible as possible with the day. Because saying "Awe, mom I don't want to do that..." won't help your life one bit! 2. Try not to blow it by spilling your drink or salsa at the table...that in mom code says;'Oops! Hheh, ugh, mom I want to be grounded for my life so I am about to spill my drink.' Oh boy, are you asking for it. (that might not be what your mom or my mom does, but it does mean that you might want to be extra 3. It's OK to have a tragic monster come into your room every once in awhile, but it isn't ok to leave the monster's footprints there for more than a wink of an eye. Then, the monsters worst enemy 'AGENT MOM' will come through the hall: "dun dun dun,... Then you'll want to get cleanin' before you know it. 4. All the more reason to just be obeying your mom no matter what. 5. Thanks for checking out the blog today and sorry for the delay of new posts. I hope you have a good day!