Saturday, September 6, 2014

Candid Candice Video on Brushing Teeth!

Ever feel like you don't want to brush your teeth? Well , my philosophy is to MAKE IT FUN! I made this video after I went to the dentist so I would appreciate my toothbrush!

Since God made our bodies, we should take care of them. It's like telling God, "I appreciate what you made and will care for it!" But when we don't brush our teeth it's like saying, "I don't care about what God made!" Plus, we only get one set of big-person teeth so we better take care of them so they last for the next 70 years!!


Click here for a Candid Candice video!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

One World Video

Videos are a blast to make! Dont sit around and watch videos (well, maybe watch some trendsetter ones!)...make your own in your free time and share it with others! This video was done probably a whole year a go by now and it involves me and my Irish twin (means we are born within a year of each other), who made trendsetterminis. It was in the winter and we got bored so I asked her if she wanted to dance to music (I ended up doing most of the rapping even though I only knew the chorus). Of course, it shows how you can use even the most boring of times to accomplish and have fun with a simple video!

Toddler Teen Talk

Angel and I are really close... This past wednesday night right after we came home from church she asked me if we could play teenagers together! (of course i said yes, because she ended her question with something like "LOL!")

She also demanded that she would borrow my clothes so she put on one of the shortest dresses I had, so I let her wear one ONLY for the night. Then, she picked up my phone and said, "do you want to text your boyfriend, sis?!" I was shocked, but also tried to hold back giggles as i explained how you don't get boyfriend until your 18...but she replied, "So? Let's pretend we're 18 years old!" (and what could I say back)

Also, you'll notice that in the video towards the end that i kept on saying things like , "OMG" and I did, because that was her cue to say, (what she came up with on her own) "D-O-F-A!" (which means nothing) but she never said it:-)

But the point of all this is to show how SILLY IT IS to do some of those teenager things!!!! It honestly looks ridiculous! So as we are growing up, let not try to be and do what everyone else is doing! We are trendsetter girls! WE CAN LEAD THE WAY without looking hilarious!!!!

Jordan Unleashes Power!

My baby brother usually has the whole family on the edge of our seat because of all the little faces and cute stuff he does! Whether its smiling even he doesn't realize it, or his hic-ups that drive him crazy, but are high pitched and adorable to us!!! This is a link to a video I made of him one day when he was so cute I couldn't help but show him off and share the joy with others...

Click above to see a "powerful" (literally) video of  few weeks old baby Jordan Scott Gibbons!!